Great Workout Music!

New Workout Music Technology!

The Power Of Great Workout Music!

Nothing moves us more easily than music and when it comes to exercise it can be the difference between a mediocre workout and an epic workout.  Heck sometimes just having some great workout music to listen to is what gets us off our butts and into the gym!  I’m sure you can think of countless times that the right music saved the day.  It is with this in mind that I have spent years studying brain wave technology and music production to create a listening experience like never before!  My goal is simple; to create cutting edge high energy workout music that not only energizes, but also uplifts and inspires.  Music that will help you take your gym sessions to new heights AND carry over to the rest of your life!  The end result is a new genre that I refer to as “Peak Performance Music.”

“Peak Performance Music” is perfect for..


  • Sports training!
  • Intense gym sessions!
  • Long distance running or biking!
  • Fitness classes!
  • Anyone looking for great workout music!
  • Anytime looking for extra motivation & inspiration!  

Workout Songs To Feed The Mind, Body & Soul!

As a fitness/nutrition expert, peak performance strategist,  and music producer I have a unique opportunity to create a listening technology that provides something important that we are all seeking more of; ENERGY!  My goal when launching was to create workout songs with a dynamic sound that would push listeners to new heights at the gym and life in general! Not just a small boost, but something fresh and exciting that would resonate with listeners at their core.  We all know the impact of a powerful song and how fast it can change our mental state.  We also know the motivating influence of encouraging words such as a heartfelt conversation with a mentor or friend, or simply reading or watching something inspirational.  With this in mind I have dedicated myself to producing this “peak performance music”.  This high energy, motivational music combined with binaural beat technology will move you in a very unique and powerful way.  It might very well be exactly what you need to elevate your fitness regimen or simply lift your spirits anytime of the day!

Pump up Music!

Music has the inherent power to inspire like almost nothing else that exists.  It has the capability to change our rate of vibration, thus impacting our mood and attitude in an instant.  It transcends time, space, gender, race, creed and thus has influenced humanity on a global scale for thousands of years.  It is my mission to use this motivational music to help listeners unlock their gifts, reach for more and live a life without doubt, worry or fear.  We all have unlimited potential and the ability to do, have and be whatever we desire.  We just need a little reminder sometimes!


“Peak Performance Music” feat Binaural Beat Technology by The Satori Sound


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"I listen to The Satori Sound when I first wake up to get focused and prepare myself to have an extraordinary day. Sometimes if I am feeling a little down, I will play The Satori Sound and I always find something in the music and lyrics to help bring me back to a grateful state of mind. I often struggle staying motivated at the gym after a long day of work but The Satori Sound’s motivational workout music gets me pumped up and excited to finish the workout strong!”

-Isaac Lynde
Denver, CO

"Talk about great workout music! The Satori Sound always revs me up, giving me that extra boost and motivation to maximize my workouts. Thanks for all of your work and creating a great blend of music and inspiration to help me reach my peak performance!"

Ryan Ovitt,
Kansas City. MO

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